Last updated
December 10 2019

Privacy Policy

Smoke doesn’t collect any personally indentifiable data

Smoke doesn’t collect any personal information or data that can be used to identify you. Provided you have chosen to opt in to developer crash reports, some data related to your device and Smoke will be sent to the developer, however, this information also cannot be used to indentify you. If you provide feedback and a crash report via TestFlight, more detailed data regarding your device, such as your carrier, will be sent to the developer. If you chose to include your email in the report, it will only be used for contacting you regarding your report. It will not be shared with any third-parties or used for other purposes without permission.
Smoke doesn’t log or collect any data from your Steam account. Your email and password are never seen or stored by Smoke. The developer is not responsible for any data you choose to share with Steam.